RSVP Form: Oct. 26, 2019 4th Annual College Partner Convening
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Registration has officially closed. However, limited space may still be available. If interested in attending, please complete the form below. You will receive confirmation no later than Friday, October 25. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.
Join us for the 4th Annual College Partner Convening at Jacob's Pillow on Saturday, October 26, 10:30am-4pm. This convening offers the opportunity to network with colleagues and explore partnership strategies that strengthen the field for artists, educators, and students.

Schedule Outline (full agenda to be provided)
10:30am Arrival/Check-In
11am-1pm College Partner Convening
1-2pm Lunch, provided by Jacob's Pillow
2pm In Process Series at the Pillow Lab: Kinetic Light, followed by a Q&A with artists and reception

Questions? Contact Thasia Giles, Director of Community Engagement, at or 413.243.9919 x161.

Accessibility: Accessible public restrooms are located in the Perles Family Studio and Annex with ADA compliant sinks. ADA compliant pathways throughout the main campus. Questions about accessibility or accommodation requests? Please contact us at or 413.243.9919 x161.

Code of Conduct: We are committed to providing an inclusive environment that cultivates the celebration of the art of dance and its positive impact on communities. We are dedicated to fostering a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for everyone on our beautiful campus. You, as patrons and visitors of Jacob’s Pillow, are expected to contribute to our mutually respectful and welcoming community, supporting the world of dance and its citizens for generations to come.
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Join us Saturday evening for the Pillow Party: Mini Ball with Jason A. Rodriguez from FX's hit television series Pose. 8pm
Featuring a vogue, catwalk, and best-dressed contest. Specially prized tickets of $8 for College Partner faculty and students.
Interested in attending the 8pm Pillow Party: Mini Ball? Please list the names of people attending below. RSVP by October 22 *
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