DREAM BIG PODCAST SURVEY Special Offer for 1st 100 Respondents
We're VERY close to finishing our long-awaited Dream Big Academy. The academy will be entirely focused on giving kids (ages 4-13) a practical education on the key values to lead a happy, successful life (e.g. self-confidence, positive attitude, gratitude, hustle, etc). Of course, just like the Dream Big Podcast, the key differentiator of the Dream Big Academy is that your kids will be learning about the importance of these principles directly from Eva -- one of their peers.

We consider this our life's work, and plan to over-deliver and create content that will truly be a game-changer for your child. We are working on a personalized binder with course materials featuring your child's face and name (we have proven that that personalization is an extremely powerful tool for engagement), and have planned a set of amazing bonuses geared towards both kids and parents.

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything and send it off, we need to make sure we have covered everything.

That is where you come in. Please take a 5-10 minutes to answer this super-short survey. There are only 7 questions, and many are multiple-choice -- so please leave thoughtful responses on the few that ask for a detailed answer. We will use the feedback in this survey to ensure that the course materials address your primary desires and concerns for your child’s future. As a thank you for your time, you will receive our initial set of course materials that we are creating of the course for free. The materials will include engaging video lessons as well as accompanying worksheets (we’ll provide special links to the videos that won’t be available publicly, as well as PDFs so that you can download/print the worksheets). We will not expect or require any feedback on these materials, but of course we will welcome that feedback if you are interested in providing it.

For purposes of deciding whether to complete the survey, please note the Academy will be geared towards 4-13 year olds. We appreciate the fact that kids and adults of all ages enjoy the Podcast, but for this particular survey we ask that you only respond if you are parents/guardians/grandparents of potential students in the 4-13 age range.

Olga and Alex Karpman (Eva's parents)
What is your #1 single biggest parenting challenge right now? *
Please be as detailed and specific as possible (don't just say “disrespectful” or “entitled”). The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely we’ll be able to cover your topic :)
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