Confuzzled DJ Application Form
Do you have what it takes to make the dance floor groove?
We are looking for DJ's to fill our dance slots this year, we have several slots with which to show your talents. If your interested please fill out the form below.

Previous applicants please fill in if you wish to DJ again this year.

Last date for applications will be the 28th February 2020, successful applicants will be contacted by the 7th March 2020 to confirm scheduling.

Please note you will need to be registered and paid by the 7th March 2020 if you are successful or your place will go to someone else.
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DJ handle / Name, this will go on the schedule, if different from you’re registered name, please put your reg name in brackets (like so)
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Please indicate your preferred styles / Genres of music that you would like to play
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Do you need equipment provided?, are you bringing equipment with you? e.g. CDJ's, PC's, Laptops etc.
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Please provide a short Demo set of the type of music you are thinking of playing at the convention, you can either link to a set using the box below or email the set as an attachment to
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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