Shit is going down
Hello! Do you need someone to reach out to you, or someone else in the community, post-haste, and don't really feel like filling out that long form (especially if you already did that)?

Perfect, you are in the right place.

(And yes, it is totally ok if you already filled out the other form, or even this one. Really, if you are in a pinch and need us now, just fill it out.)
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What is the Burning Man Radio Handle or Playa Name of the person who needs help? (We don’t need legal names - just whatever makes you feel comfortable). *
What is your preferred method of contact? *
What phone number are we calling? xxx-xxx-xxxx  Anyone who tries to contact will text first.
What email address are we reaching out to?
If you can drop a quick summary (especially if this is on behalf of someone else) we'd appreciate it. If not, then not.
That's it, we'll get with you as soon as we can.
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