Team Stream Dream Application
About The Stream Dream!
Thank you for your interest in joining the Team Stream Dream support community. We are a community dedicated to helping streamers reach their full potential and get to the goals that they have set for themselves. In other words to make that Stream Dream a reality!

How do we do that?
By helping each other with resources, techniques, best practices, graphics, collaboration, and being a place that understands the struggles with creating your own content and being a streamer that you can grow with and be a part of.

We do ask that you have videos we can watch on your channel, that you have setup your panels, and that you are at least making a general effort with your stream before applying. If we can't watch your stream, or see any info about you on your Twitch page we can not make a decision on whether or not you'd be a good fit for TSD.

Please note that it may take 1-3 days to approve your application based on availability of the TSD Admins.

Requirements for Joining our Community
Support - READ THIS!! Do you agree to support other streamers? *
The community is setup as a support group, not a place for you to get followers and viewers for your stream. You will of course have people from the community come and watch your stream from time to time, but please understand that we're all here for the same thing. To help each other become better streamers, not to become your next follower/subscriber. If you understand this and agree to support people in the community please type "I agree to support other streamers" in the box below.
Your answer
Discord - Our community uses Discord. Are you familiar with using Discord? *
INACTIVITY IN THE DISCORD CHANNEL WILL GET YOU REMOVED FROM THE COMMUNITY! We use Discord to communicate with each other and help. Without it we don't have any way of knowing how active you are in the community. Learn more about Discord at
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