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Join us for the 3rd Annual Catch a Wave Business Competition right here on Kauai happening Saturday April 25th at Anaina Hou Porter Pavilion in Kilauea! Local small businesses will be selected to present in front of a panel of judges as well as an audience of investors and Kauai locals. Winners will be chosen and given prizes.

Last year’s winner got over $7,500 in grants as well as other prizes! This year’s prizes are still being finalized.

Please fill out the application below to enter. Following the close of applications on March 10th, the Catch A Wave Application Review Committee will choose which companies are selected for interviews. Following the interviews, finalists will be selected to present at the event. The information you provide will be kept private to the Catch A Wave Application Review Committee and will not be shared.

Below is last year’s explainer video (We’re still working on this year’s) and last year’s wrap-up video of the finale.
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Catch A Wave 2019 Explainer Video
Catch A Wave 2019 Finale Wrap-Up Video
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