Wyandotte Elementary Student Survey 19-20
Students, the Wyandotte Public School System would like your opinion. This will remain anonymous and is used for school improvement. Thank you!
1. My teachers care about me. *
2. I am proud of my work. *
3. I know how I am supposed to act at school. *
4. My teachers make learning fun and interesting. *
5. I know I can ask the principal or my teacher for help. *
6. I do well in math. *
7. I do well in reading. *
8. Students in my classes like each other. *
9. Students in this school show respect for each other. *
10. My teacher helps me when I don't understand. *
11. My teachers really listen to what I have to say. *
12. I feel safe in my classroom. *
13. I get along well with other kids in this school. *
14. My teachers want me to do my best. *
15. Students who make good choices are rewarded. *
16. I am able to study and work in my classroom. *
17. I feel that I belong at this school. *
18. I feel that my things left at school are safe. *
19. The rules at this school have to be followed. *
20. My class is fun. *
21. I can do the work my teachers ask me to do if I try. *
22. I get recognized when I make good choices. *
23. This school is a good place for me to learn. *
I am in the __________ grade. *
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