Tinderbox Evaluation June 2019
Thanks for filling in this questionnaire. This will help us find out about your experience of Tinderbox and how it contributes to your creativity, well-being, friendships and professional development. We will also use this information to report to organisations who have funded our work.

Your answers are anonymous and we encourage you to be honest with your answers.

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Northern Irish
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Any other white background
White and Black Caribbean
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White and Asian
Any other mixed/multiple ethnic
Any other Asian background
Any other Black/African/Caribbean
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Mixed or Multiple Ethnic Groups
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Your Experience Outside of Tinderbox
Experience outside of Tinderbox
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2 A little bit
3 Some/a reasonable amount
4 Quite a lot
5 A lot
I take part in other music and arts activities
I take part in other clubs or activities
I have studied music or arts outside school
I volunteer or work in music and the arts
Your involvement with Tinderbox
What role(s) have you had at Tinderbox? (please tick all that apply)
Other (please specify)
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Which of the following workshops have you been involved with? (please tick all that apply)
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Music Art & Creativity
1 Not at all
2 A little bit
3 Some
4 Quite A lot
5 Loads
Tinderbox has helped me improve my skills
Tinderbox has helped me try new things
Tinderbox has made me want to try new things in future
Tinderbox has helped me to enjoy making music
Tinderbox has helped me be creative (eg. writing music, rap, lyrics, songs)
Tinderbox has helped me learn to play an instrument or sing
Tinderbox inspires me
I have performed in public for the first time at Tinderbox this year
1 Not at all
2 A little bit
3 Some
4 Quite a lot
5 Loads
Tinderbox has improved my confidence
I feel included at Tinderbox
Tinderbox has helped me meet new friends
Tinderbox helps me feel that I belong to a community
I achieve things at Tinderbox
I feel supported at Tinderbox
Tinderbox helps me feel good about the future
Why do you come to Tinderbox?
1 Not at all
2 A little bit
3 Some
4 Quite a lot
5 Loads
To play exciting gigs and events
To learn
For enjoyment and socialising
Networking/ professional development
1 Not at all
2 A little bit
3 Some
4 Quite a lot
5 Loads
Tinderbox has improved my work experience
Tinderbox has improved my professional network
Tinderbox has given me access to mentors and people to learn from
Tinderbox has given me new ideas and opportunities for developing my career
Tinderbox has led to opportunities for paid work
Other Comments
What are your favorite things about Tinderbox?
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Is there anything you would like Tinderbox to do more of, or areas that we could improve in?
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Do you have any other comments or feedback on Tinderbox and your involvement in it?
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