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Choose two-four corporate colors for your logo. Development of corporate colors is included in the corporate identity development package. It is a designer’s task. Your task is just to explain him the right direction. Do you prefer warm or cool colors? Bright or quiet?In case you have any ideas concerning the color scheme of the logo, please, send it to us as an image file. Or in RGB, CMYK palettes.
If any text elements are used in your logo, please, specify the script size: upright (Arial), serif (Times New Roman), italic, cursive, handwriting, etc.Our designer will choose a proper script or draw one himself. Describe the desired script or send us its name, if the type of script is essential to you.
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Please, describe us what kind of business your company deals with
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Specify, in what form you want the logo.
Please, send us the examples of your competitors’ (or other companies) logos, which style you like.
Sketch by hand
If there is an opportunity, please, make a schematic sketch of the logo or text by hand. How you imagine it. What figure do you like more: circle, triangle, square, or other form?
Core Values of your company *
List 5-10 unique values, which reflect the activity of your company only, its usefulness to your customers; And 10 values, which reflect the quality of products or services you offer.
Your audience *
Describe the type, age, and living preferences of your customers.
Price category *
To what price range do you refer the services you offer (low, average, above average, expensive upscale products)?
Innovation or classics? *
Does your company offer modern products and services or classic, traditional ones?
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Does your company have a name and motto?
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PLEASE NOTE: we do realize that this is confidential information you might be sharing with us so we take full responsibility and guarantee you 100% non-disclosure.
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