Zoe's Zen Art survey
A quick survey to inform the products I sell and the way I sell them.
Do you ever buy art prints?
If yes to the question above how often do you buy them, where do you buy them from and why do you buy them?
Your answer
Are my drawings to your personal taste?
Could you see one in your home?
Which room in the house would it go in?
Your answer
Do you prefer black and white drawings or colourful ones?
If you prefer colourful drawings which colours do you prefer?
Your answer
What do you think about the cost of my drawings?
If you think they are too cheap or too expensive, how much do you think I should sell them for?
Your answer
Would you buy other products with my drawings on?
If yes or maybe which other products would you buy?
How important to you is it that the products I sell are eco-friendly?
Not important
Very important
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