MTM Belt Test Form
Students are only eligible for Belt Promotion Test if the student has attained the following:
1. Must have earned all the tape system requirements below:

WHITE = 2 Life Coaching Sessions (for students who are under 18 years old)
BLUE = 12 training classes since the previous Belt Promotion Test

2. Must be approved by the Master

Belt Promotion Test is a significant event at More Than Medals Taekwondo. We highly encourage all the students to prepare for this and the parents/guardians to witness the event. We strongly discourage make-up belt promotion test but will only allow upon valid reasons. Make-up test will result in a $120 fee.

Please supply parent or guardian's email address below if student is under 18 years old.

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Student's First Name *
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Student's Last Name *
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Student's Age
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Current Belt Rank *
Belt Size *
Belt Fees
ALL Color Belts and Black Belts Rank Testing = $60
Black Belts Dan Testing = ask for details

Make up Test Fee: $120
*Make-up tests are only allowed on a case by case basis. Make-up tests must be scheduled with the Master and must be taken a week(s) prior to the actual Belt Test date.

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