the Green Schoolhouse Secret Garden
Welcome to the Green Schoolhouse spring session registration page for after school 2017.

Thank you for your interest. At this time we are full for our spring season. Check us out for summer camps,

Join us this spring in the Hayhurst Unity Garden as we unlock the treasures that are hidden in the tiniest seed, nestled among the petals of a flower, and disguised in the shadows of the trees. From real and drinkable potions to the magical science of rainbows, we will explore the secrets of the garden through experiments, planting, art, and games.

We'll meet every Thursday from April 6th to June 8th 2:15 PM-4:15 PM. Cost is $150 for the term. Please contact to find out more.

By completing and submitting this form you will be placed on a wait list for our spring session. Please email Lauren at with any questions.
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