BPA Family Spotlight
A cool way to "Know Thy Neighbor"! Feel free to answer any (or all) of the topic questions below, hit submit, and our Communications team will post to the website as well as in an emailed newsletter. Have fun with the answers - humor is encouraged!! This is all an effort to highlight 2-3 families or more per month, so we can connect and network with each other better!

Also, feel free to send along a pic of your family to put a face with names!  Send to csdbpa@gmail.com with the subject "SPOTLIGHT" and we'll take care of it!
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Who are the members of your family?
How long have you lived in City of Decatur, and in which area do you reside?
What do you like most about living in City of Decatur?
Where did you live prior to CoD?
When are your family members' birthdays?
What are the ages/grades of your children, and where do they attend school?
What kind of work do you do?
Which college(s)/military branch(es) did you attend?
Upcoming trips or favorite places visited?
Something most people don't know about your family?
How did you meet your spouse? How long have you been married?
Favorite recipe you'd like to share?
What languages does your family speak?
An accomplishment you're most proud of?
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