Request for Meeting with Administration as Part of Enrollment Process
For students entering seventh grade in August 2023, the application period begins November 1, 2022.

As step 1 of the Enrollment Process, please complete and submit the Request for Meeting with Administration form below.  An administrator will contact you to schedule a meeting to explain carefully exactly what the Lakeland Montessori Middle School mission and guiding principals are as well as encourage you to research Montessori education to see if you feel it is a good fit for your child.  

Parents will then be asked to sign a statement noting what the details of Montessori education entail (including non-traditional methodology, assessment and parent and student requirements).  Parents will then have access to an enrollment package which contains
*LMMS FAQ sheet;
*LMMS Snapshot process explanation, and
*LMMS Parent Volunteer Form.

LMMS is committed to providing Montessori middle school education to eligible students in the Lakeland area. LMMS will not discriminate against applicants based upon uncontrollable factors like race, ethnicity, religion, national origin or disability. LMMS does feel, however, that students who best meet the LMMS mission and vision will best succeed at the school. Because there are certain student qualities which are necessary to achieve the mission of LMMS, all students will submit a Snapshot to determine eligibility, in accordance with Title V, Part B, Subpart 1 of the the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The student will compile his or her Snapshot highlighting the student's ability to support the LMMS Mission and Vision. Eligibility for admission will be determined through this Snapshot. Eligible students will be encouraged to apply for admission to LMMS. Minimally, LMMS is looking for students who demonstrate

• Self-motivation,
• Ability to work collaboratively and peacefully with others,
• Ability to work independently,
• Ability to complete tasks,
• Respect for the environment,
• Compassion and empathy for others,
• Creativity in work and thought,
• Commitment to peaceful interaction,
• Curiosity of the world around them, and
• Ability to independently research.

Please remember that although charter schools are open to all of Polk County, transportation is limited.  Lakeland Montessori Schools provides a free bus pass on the Citrus Connection for any student that would like bus transportation and lives more than two miles from the school and less than five miles from the school. In order to be consistent with all families, we determine the 5 miles as the distance measured from the closest pedestrian entry point of the property where the student resides to the closest pedestrian entry point of the school building that the student attends. We use Mapquest or Google maps, whichever is shorter, to determine the pedestrian distance.

The Citrus Connection also has a bus stop close to our school that can be used by any student at parent cost, regardless of their address. Currently, after school, the Citrus Connection stop that is close to our school arrives at the Lakeland Public Library within 8 minutes.

It is your responsibility to advise us if you have a change of email address and/or phone number.

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