Game of Thrones DEATH BRACKET
For each character, tell us exactly what episode they die in OR if you think they will not die at all! And yeah, "death" is probably gonna be a gray area and we'll figure it out when we get there!!!!!

- You score 6 points for correctly guessing the episode a character dies in.
- You score 2 fewer points for each episode different you are from the correct episode. (e.g. if you guess that Jon dies in episode 1 and he dies in episode 2, you get 4 points)
- You score 10 points for correctly guessing that a character does not die
- The open-ended question is worth up to 25 points but will be scored by a panel of judges based on a non-existant rubric. But generally, the more fun the prediction AND the more accurate it is, the better shot you have at getting the full 25 points. Make us laugh but also show us you love the show!

Below are 36 named characters. The highest possible score you could get is if you correctly guess that none of the characters die and you make an outstandingly funny and accurate prediction in the open ended question, resulting in a score of 385.
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