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Starting in about a week, we are starting free weekly livestreams called "Review My Stuff!"

In these livestreams, senior members of the Tutorial Team (Marin and Adam) will review "stuff" submitted by readers, and share constructive feedback on what's great about it, and what could be improved.

Their goal is to be your personal coach and help you learn and grow as a developer. This is your chance to get your "stuff" reviewed by some senior developers, and hopefully learn a trick or two.

Here are some ideas for the types of "stuff" you can submit for review:

* Code you've written
* Your resume or LinkedIn page
* An app you're working on
* Anything else that has a URL! :]

Marin and Adam will select a few submissions to review each week. If selected, we'll let you know when we'll be reviewing your stuff, and you can choose whether to attend (and even participate if you want), or watch the video afterwards.
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Tell us a little bit about yourself, your experience, and your goals. (This will help give Adam and Marin some context as they review your stuff.) *
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If selected, is it OK if we mention you by name, or would you prefer to be anonymous? *
If selected, would you like to speak in the livestream, so you can video chat about your stuff with Marin and Adam? *
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Thanks for submitting your stuff! We will let you know if you are selected.
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