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Rules & Event Outline:
*The 2020 Bike Parade is an activity for local Hamilton residents, a memorable and fun way to safely celebrate the 4th together.

*Parade will be mainly non-motorized. Participants will be on foot, or on bikes, scooters, wagons, strollers, etc. Pets are allowed.

*Participation is open to children of all ages through Grade 12. A parent or responsible adult may accompany them.

*Participants may bring a bluetooth speaker and play appropriate patriotic music while walking.

*Parade route streets will be closed from 10:30am-12:00pm.

*Lineup will begin at 10:30am at HCS, parade will step off at 11am.

*Participants will be assigned a parking space at HCS. All vehicles and personal items must stay within your designated area.

*The 1-mile parade route will begin at Hamilton Central School, turn right onto W. Kendrick, left onto Maple, left on Lebanon, right on W Kendrick, and end at HCS.

*Each street intersection will have a parade volunteer to maintain order and enforce social distancing.

*Participants will have the opportunity to salute First Responders and Essential Workers, and may carry signs of support. All signs must be positive and uplifting, and must be approved by parade management.

*No political signs, messaging, or slogans. This is a unifying event for all to enjoy. Parade coordinators have the right to refuse any sign or decoration they deem inappropriate for this event. Thank you for your cooperation.

*At the end of the parade, participants will receive a free cup of ice cream and a bonus voucher which can be used at your favorite downtown business. Voucher will be good for 14 days.

*Wear your best Patriotic outfit, or decorate your bike to win one of seven $10 gift cards to local businesses. Category is "Most Patriotic" in the following age groups:
Ages 4-5
Ages 6-7
Ages 8-9
Ages 10-12
Ages 13-15
Ages 16-18
Best Decorated Stroller (Ages 1-3)

*Full participation details and a space number will be emailed to you 3-5 days before the parade.

*Questions can be directed to hamiltonjuly4@gmail.com
COVID Safety Measures:

*Strict 6-ft social distancing will be enforced, both on the parade route, and during lineup

*Each participant/participating family will be assigned a parking space where they will remain until parade begins. Spaces will be assigned with one space in between participants. Participants must remain within their designated space.

*Masks are required for participants during registration and while walking through public areas.

*Masks are not required for family group participants provided they stay within their designated staging space. Masks are not required while walking in the parade, or while taking water breaks.

*Hand sanitizer will be available in several stations at HCS, and with parade volunteers on golf carts throughout the parade route.

*Bathroom facilities will not be available. We're very sorry for this inconvenience!

*Anyone who chooses not to comply with the above rules will be asked to leave, and not allowed to participate in the parade. No gift vouchers will be awarded.

*Volunteers will be required to wear masks when interacting with or registering participants and awarding prizes.

*Volunteers will only be required to wear masks when not able to maintain more than 6-ft distance from participants. Masks will be worn around the neck in order to be pulled up quickly when needed.

*Ample hand sanitizer and replacement masks will be provided to each volunteer, and will be available at each volunteer station, should you need one.

The Village of Hamilton will take every possible good-faith precaution to keep this a safe and socially responsible event.
Participants and Volunteers willingly understand they will be interacting with the public, and will take personal precautions accordingly. Anyone uncomfortable with the above safety measures should not participate or volunteer this year.
I agree to the rules & guidelines above. *
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