Washington Street Internship Application
Hi, my name is Wes Collum and I am the Youth Minister at Washington Street Church of Christ. We are so glad that you are applying to intern with us this summer. We have been blessed over the past six years to have some amazing internship experiences and we are glad to get to know all of you. We are looking for a male and female intern to come and serve our youth. We are looking for loving, caring followers of God, who are willing to put in the work to make this summer of 2020 the best it can be.

What will I be doing?

We will give you a wide variety of tasks over your summer (10 weeks) at Washington Street. We asks our interns to teach every Sunday, that they are here, over the Summer. We will read a book over the summer and discuss it, before you teach the class every week. We will work in the office every M, W-F from 9:30 am-3 pm. We take Tuesday off every week, so that we can recharge. During these times, we will write lessons, film videos for camp, prepare for events, plan events, and more. You are expected to be at every event we have planned during the summer. The big events include Impact, Summer Camp, VBS, and Handsfree Workcamp.

Pay, Benefits, and Time-off:

We pay $300 over 10 weeks, which comes to a total of $3000 at the end of the summer. We provide housing with one of our amazing families for you all summer. This will include several home cooked meals, while you are home from trips. All of your trips are paid for by the church and most meals on those trips are paid for by the church. We give you one regularly scheduled day off during the summer. We also take off for most nationally recognized holidays. We ask that if you have a vacation planned, that you plan it for before or after you start work here at Washington Street.

Start and End Dates:

May 28th-August 3rd 2020


Please email me a resume to wescollum@fpunet.com. This resume should include at least 2 referential contacts.

Personality Quiz:

Please go to the link provided: https://similarminds.com/cgi-bin/similarminds.pl. Note this is not a make or break test. This is just something that helps us know a little more about you. If you already know your enneagram number, please feel free to use it instead of the test provided. Please place this answer in the slot on the next form.

Thanks for your interest and we cannot wait to talk with you further!
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