Technology in Pedagogy, Curriculum, + Research Program Application
TPC+R is a TATTO extension program open to graduate students from all disciplines, designed to supplement other pedagogical training and professional development programming offered by academic departments, the graduate school, and ECDS.  
TPC+R presents an opportunity for graduate students to explore using new technologies in their teaching and research. Participants will be introduced to an array of digital tools, discuss practical and theoretical models for digital scholarship, and receive assistance in developing materials for their own courses and/or research. Through TPC+R, participants will create their own professional website, design digital assignments, connect with pedagogy and research experts across the university, and participate in workshops on digital research tools.

Contact Bailey Betik ( with any questions. Applications are due by December 31, 2021.

Note: If you are not taken to the confirmation page after submission, please email Bailey Betik.
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Please list your previous teaching experience, if any, at Emory.
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A brief statement (3-4 sentences) on your interests in using technology in education.  This response may include a specific curricular project that you have in mind, a tool you want more experience with, or more general concerns. Any information you can give on your teaching and research in the near future and what you hope to achieve via the program will help its instructors.
Previous Experience *
A brief statement (2-3 sentences) of your own expertise regarding matters such as web design, instructional technology, and digital experience.  There are no prerequisites for the course, but this information will help ECDS tailor the program.
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Will you be able to attend from 11:00am-12:30pm each Tuesday and Thursday from February 8- March 24, 2021 (excluding week of spring break, March 7-11)?
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