HKIS Upper Primary Band Registration (New Students)
Yes - My child would like to join the Upper Primary Band Program for 2019-2020
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Instrument Selection - please choose one Brass and one Woodwind instrument from the selection.
Mr. Lovett will meet with students in April to discuss instrument choices and match them with the instrument best suiting their interests and physical characteristics.
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B - Woodwind Instrument *
Loan an instrument for the Band ASA. ($600 per year fee)
Band Schedule 2019-20 Instrument Class (Term 1) and Instrument & Band Class (Term 2)
Term Two Beginning Band Rehearsal Schedule
In Term Two, students join One Band Ensemble class and continue with One Instrument class. Select from options below.
Does your child have any medical or behavioural conditions that may affect their ability to participate in music-based activities? If yes, please provide details.
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ASA Session Fees
Band Instruction Fee = $12,500. ($1,000 discount if paid by 31 May, 2019). Materials Levy = $400. Instrument Loan Levy = $600. On submission of this registration, parents will be invoiced for the fees via email.
Parent support is crucial in the students' success in the program. Please review the information below for both the student and parent consent.
• Attendance at all scheduled classes and performances is expected. Bandtastic Christmas Concert, May Music Festival, and Band Festival are scheduled community performances for band. In-school performances will also be held.
• Provide a space and time for regular, focused individual practice.
• For continuity and to experience the full program students are expected to attend a full year class.
• No refund will be available for classes cancelled due to weather warnings, school closures or other directives from the school.
• I understand that the paid tuition is non refundable. Students who leave Hong Kong may apply for pro-rata reimbursement.
Parent and Student Consent *
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