Greenhouse + Flo Recruit Integration
Welcome to Flo Recruit's integration with Greenhouse. Please submit the following information so that we can start setting up your integration.
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To retrieve your API Key, login to Greenhouse. Then, navigate to Settings. Then, click Dev Center. Next, click API Credential Management. Copy the Harvest API listed on that page. You may need special credentials to access this page in Greenhouse.
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In order for us to post candidates to Greenhouse, we need a User ID of a Greenhouse user at your organization. If you have a general user (like recruiting@) instead of a specific person (like bobby@), we suggest you use the general user so that if the specific user ever leaves the organization, our integration remains intact. To retrieve the User ID, navigate to Settings. Next, click Users. Then, click Export to Excel. In the Excel sheet, find the column that says User ID. Copy the User ID.
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You can make changes at a later date by contacting your Flo Recruit account manager.
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