Free Myriad Stickers
Please allow 5-8 weeks for delivery in the US, 8-10weeks for everywhere else. Let me know on reddit/twitter if you haven't received yours. Please make sure that you put your complete mailing address. No need to put "USA" if you are in the US. Those who put in their email addresses will not be sent any stickers. I used to email those who do that individually, but it's just gotten insane lol

Due to high demand, we are only able to give one black OR white sticker, and the round sticker. Depending on what your answer is for the last two questions, we’ll give you more!

PS: While this service is now free, donations for cost of the stickers and worldwide postage are appreciated:
XMY: M8jtcZ96MwGUZtW3ErLhB5bgZZ22h28BfC
BTC: 1GJ1bf5cmKDzF1wR5yFYHcvz5U3mzSEa56
uphold username: keepmyshirt
Send me US forever domestic and US global stamps at

PO BOX  218161
Houston, TX 77218

when you do put up stickers, please take pics, post on the reddit page ( you will most likely get free myriadcoins from the community!

update the presence map!

note: always try to seek permission before sticking things in public!  
we suggest putting them on your laptops, cars, tablets, office space, dorms, anywhere you can show your support for the coin!

disclaimer: I get the final say as to the max number and kind sent. Worst case, just fill the form out again when you've run out and i'll send some your way again!
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How did you hear about us and why do you think Myriadcoin is awesome? :) *
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