2019 Fondy Farmers Market Music and Entertainment Interest Form
This form is for interested musicians, entertainers, dance troupes, etc (referred to as "entertainers" in this form) who are interested in performing at the Fondy Farmers Market (2200 W Fond du Lac Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53206) for the 2019 market season. We will have entertainment Saturdays during the regular market season at the Fondy Farmers Market from 10:00am-12:00pm. We do pay our performers for their time.
The Fondy Food Center is the non-profit organization that manages the Fondy Farmers Market, and its mission is to connect Greater Milwaukee to fresh, local food – from farm to market to table – so that children learn better, adults live healthier, and communities celebrate cultural food traditions.
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Listed below are the dates that we'll book entertainment. Please select dates you're interested in and available for. (Dates listed are what are available as of April 18, 2019)
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Let us know if you have a strong preference for any of the dates listed above, or anything else we should know.
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We will do our best to accommodate your request for dates while offering the market a variety of entertainment. Thank you for your interest!
We will confirm that we received this form via email within one week of submission. We hope to confirm the full season schedule by the end of May 2019.
Contact Us
Any questions, please contact Sam Thurman at sthurman@fondymarket.org or 414-933-8121
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