Utemis Bounty Program
Submission for the Utemis Token Bounty Program - TWITTER + FACEBOOK HAVE A SEPARATE SHEET
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Final token price will be subject to volatility! Thereby, we do not guarantee the final fiat price of the token! The total token amount available is 1.6 Million token. If this cap is reached in confirmed bounties that have to be paid out, the bounty campaign ends.

In order to receive the bounties, you must send proof that you fulfilled the necessary promotion task to the following Email address (in case of social media bounties this includes proof that you own the account): bounty@utemis.com (You can send multiple proofs in one Email). After we checked everything your bounty will be noted in the Bounty Database.

The bounty campaign is running until the end of the ICO and the bounties will be paid out after the ICO!

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