Willie Hutch Jones Educational & Sports Program -Science Showcase Registration
For our 6th Annual Science Fair, we are creating a fully online Science Showcase celebrating STEAM --
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math!

We are asking students in grades 3 -12 to provide their creative responses to a prompt about Engineering, the E in STEAM!

Engineering - Engineers design bridges to get over water, they design gene sequences to keep us healthier longer, they even design tools to keep our hands safe from hot coffee! No problem is too big, or small, for an engineer to solve. Think of a problem that affects you and map out a plan to design a solution to that problem - like an engineer would do. Record a video of yourself explaining the problem at hand and what you intended to do to solve it and how you can go about implementing some of those solutions now.

Must include:
Pictures that you used for reference of the problem and any pictures of the solution(s) in action
Why did you choose this topic? Does it affect you personally?
5 min video (MAX) of you explaining the problem at hand and the steps you took to solve it. Be sure to explain what challenges you faced along the way and how you were able to overcome them.

Can include:
A drawing of the problem and the steps you took to solve it
A model of your build, if applicable

Example 1.)
Problem: My dog has an itch that he can’t scratch.
-Design and build the ultimate dog scratcher to reach all of those difficult spots - make it so the dog can use it all on its own for times when a person isn’t around.
-Create a lotion that’s safe for animals that protects and hydrates their skin to prevent them from itching.
Action: Using household objects build and test out a super scratcher or doggie lotion.

Example 2.)
Problem: There is no grocery store in my neighborhood that I can walk to.
-A community garden where people can come to get fruits and vegetables for free. The more work you put into the garden, the more credits you earn to use on food.
-A free sponsored shuttle that takes people directly to the grocery store.
-Start scouting the community, where would be a good place to build this community garden? Start a material collection drive, wood, spare tools, paint, fencing, etc.
-Write to local politicians and advocate for a need for a way to get to the grocery store. Collect signatures of people who feel the same way as you to show the need for a solution. Apply for a grant or ask local companies for donations in sponsoring a vehicle.
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