Prairie Creek Cats Kitten Application

Thank you for stopping in to fill out an application.  Please fill out the form in FULL detail.  Once you have the application filled out and submitted please send us a message on our Facebook page at Prairie Creek Cats.  This is how we will be able to reach out to you about upcoming availability.  If you don’t reach out to us through our Facebook Page we will NOT be able to contact you.

We look forward to connecting with you.
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Do you rent or own?  If you rent please include the contact information for your landlord so we can verify the pet policy. (If not included, application will be deleted) *
Are you 21 years of age? *
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How many people reside in your house? Please list names/ ages.
How did you hear about us?
Reason for adopting *
Name of the vet and contact information you currently use.  We will contact them for reference.  Please notify them. *
Are you on a waiting list for any other catteries for a kitten?  If so, which ones? *
Do you travel for business?  Who will care for your cat when you are away?
Do you have other cats?  We recommend a litter box for every cat in the house, plus an additional box. (2 cats need 3 litter boxes)  Is your house prepared to make these accommodations?
How many hours will the cat be alone a day? *
Do you plan to declaw the cat that you adopt?     Please explain why you would or wouldn’t depending on your previous answer.                                                        If you currently have cats or have had cats, are/were any of them declawed? *
Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?: If so, how will you handle it?  Sphynx/Devon Rex are NOT hypoallergenic, if someone has a cat allergy they will still be allergic to any cat.  
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If so, how will you handle it?  Sphynx/Devon Rex are NOT hypoallergenic, if someone has a cat allergy they will still be allergic to a hairless cat.   *
Please list the current animals in your house.  Type, Age, Sex, Are they Spayed or Neutered? *
Have you ever given up an animal before? Yes or No.  If the answer is yes, please explain why the animal was given up and to whom it was given up. What happened to the pet when he/she was given up?   *
We do have First Right of Refusal on all of our kittens should their adoptive family not be able to care for them.  Is this something you can agree to?:   *
Is there anything else that we should know about you or that we should consider when reviewing your application? *
**Kittens will need to be quarantined in a safe room or space for a minimum of 7 days after coming to your house.  This will give your kitten time to settle in and bond with you and your family.  If you have other pets this is especially important to give all animals time to adjust.  Are you able to accommodate this requirement? *
**All kittens are sent home with food we find to be the best quality for your growing kittens needs.  Sphynx/Devon Rex need a higher protein and fat content in their diets to maintain body heat, energy and their basic health needs. We do require them to stay on the current food we use for 8-12 months to comply with our health guarantee.  Average cost is $25-$30/month and the food is shipped directly to your home.  Is this something you are comfortable adhering to? *
**We include a 1 year FIP guarantee and a 1 year genetic guarantee.  You must provide copies of your vet visit 48 hours after taking possession of your kitten.   *
**We do include a 3 year HCM guarantee.  To adhere to the guarantee you must have your cat scanned at 1 year, 2 years and 3 years of age by a licensed cardiologist and then provide us with a copy of that scan.  This is only a requirement to keep the guarantee valid and if you do not follow this it will void the HCM guarantee portion of your contract.   *
Kittens are $2500, kittens are ready at 16 weeks.  THEY WILL NOT BE RELEASED PRIOR TO 16 WEEKS. This includes:• Spay or neuter• 3 FVCP-C Vaccines (8 week, 12 week, 16 week) • 3 Dewormings• Microchip-with a year of paid insurance• TICA registration•FIV/FeLV Negative Testing •3 year HCM guarantee •1 year FIP guarantee •1 year genetic guarantee • 30 days of free insurance through Trupanion • kitten pack• And lifetime breeder support *
Please list any preference you have in adopting a kitten.  Sex/ Color.  *
We are located in the Wichita, KS area.  Will you be able to travel and pick up your kitten? If you need your kitten delivered are you prepared to pay a delivery fee?  Delivery fee will BEGIN at $500 and can increase with airfare and travel increases. *
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