Petition to End JHU Partnership with ICE
We are collecting signatures for a petition to request that President Daniels end the partnership of Johns Hopkins University with ICE. To sign the petition, please answer our question about your relationship to Hopkins and sign the petition by adding your name and title / relation to the school under "Responses." When we have gathered a sufficient number of signatures this petition will be presented to the office of the President. Please share this petition with others.

Dear President Daniels,

We, the undersigned faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, staff and alumni of the Hopkins community are writing this petition to you to ask you to immediately dissolve the currently existing partnership between the Johns Hopkins University and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). As publicly described here:, the Division of Public Safety Leadership includes a stream of affiliations and partnerships between the University and ICE, including the JHU-ICE Fellows Program and the JHU-ICE MS in Management Cohort Program. Given the wave of recent investigations, leaked audio and video evidence, corroboration from former ICE employees and resultant widespread national and international protests, the evidence is now overwhelming: over the past two years ICE has imposed a brutal policy of raids, deportations and family separations of immigrants, some of whom are apprehended at the border, some of whom have lived peaceably here in our country for decades before being stripped of their rights and ripped from their families and communities. ICE is now currently responsible for the fabrication and maintenance of facilities across the country which have been described by scholars of the Holocaust as meeting the conditions considered definitive of concentration camps: indefinite detention without trial on the basis of identity.

We recognize that a range of views about the politics of immigration and border security are possible. We do not expect that you will publicly respond to each new policy or statement made by this administration. Furthermore, we understand that there is a historic relationship between this university and the federal government which has enabled decades of life-saving and innovative research. We do not expect you to enforce a partisan stance or a party affiliation with any narrowly particular political position. But if our school is to live up to its stated values of free intellectual inquiry, human rights, human flourishing, and “knowledge for the world,” it cannot do so while assisting ICE agents. As a private university Johns Hopkins is under no obligation to collaborate with, support or enable ICE. Given the extent and extremity of its cruel practices and the scale of ongoing human rights charters which ICE continues to violate, we do not see how in good conscience Johns Hopkins University can collaborate with this organization. Accordingly, we urge you to sever the ties that currently connect our two institutions together.
The Johns Hopkins Community

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