2019 - Community Consultation
We value your ideas and feedback. Please help us by sharing your thoughts and ideas as we embark on developing our Strategic Plan for 2020.

This survey should only take 7-10 minutes of your time.

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Arja Pinkney
Board Chairperson
We currently use the acronym TEAM which stands for:
T - Trustworthiness
E - Excellence,
A - Attitude and Aroha
M - Managing-Self

When we consulted with the parent community in August this year, the value of RESPECT was without any parallel - the most important value that parents wanted for their children to gain while at Wharepapa South School. This has made us realise that perhaps we need to review our Key WSS Values so they reflect the vision and hopes of our parents and community. Our current Key Values do not include 'Respect'.

It is also important that children can understand and articulate the values and have a deep understanding of them. It is equally important that our teachers teach a values-based programme. Values need to be explicitly taught and children need to be aware when their behaviour reflects these values. We are developing a positive reward system based on values and not "Rules" - it helps to keep things positive and has a greater impact.

One idea the teachers have explored with is the acronym C.A.R.E.
C - Caring, Connected Citizens
A - Aspiring Attitudes with Aroha
R - Respectful, Responsible and Resilient
E - Excellence, Equity and Effort

The main reason to review this is to includes the value of 'Respect' into our Curriculum.
Which Values Acronym to you prefer? *
What values (if any others) would like to see included in the 2020 Wharepapa South School School Curriculum? *
General Feedback
Do you believe that Wharepapa South School is held in high regard in the community?
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How long ago was your last visit to the school *
How do you feel the school environment is looking? *
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How strong is the relationship between the school and the wider community *
Thinking back to your last interaction with the School Staff or Principal, how welcoming and friendly do you find the school staff? *
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The NZ Curriculum comprises of 8 Learning Areas. Please prioritise these areas by what you feel are most important... *
Maths and Statistics
Learning Languages
Health and PE
The Arts (Drama, Visual, Dance etc)
Social Sciences
The Future is bright...
Our school roll is growing and we have just received an extremely positive ERO review. The board and staff would appreciate your feedback on what skills (aside from Numeracy and Literacy competencies) you think our children will need in the future.
What do you believe are the top FIVE skills our children need to develop
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Analytical (critical) Thinking
Growth Mindset
Decision Making
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Diversity and Cultural Intelligence
Technology Skills
Embracing (dealing with) Change
Negotiation and Persuasion
Cognitive Flexibility
Complex Problem Solving
Technology Design and Programming
Perseverance and Motivation
Ability to work under pressure
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The Board of Trustees
Do you know who the Board Members are Wharepapa South School?
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What is the profile of the Board of Trustees at Wharepapa South School?
Who are the Board?
Good Profile in the Community
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The School Pool
Currently we do not charge anything for the use of the School Pool. The costs of running the school pool is expensive and each year we spend $1000-$2000 in chemicals and maintenance. That cost comes out of our Operating Grant which is to run the school, pay support staff, buy resources, heating, lighting and all curriculum related costs and subsidised experiences for the children.

With new Health and Safety Regulations the pool must be tested and treated 3 times a day. It is a very time-consuming but important school facility. At the moment most of the responsibility falls on one or two people to monitor and maintain the water quality over summer. Having the responsibility falling on just one or to two people, is potentially unsustainable and we need to look at how we can best keep our pool open over the summer - So everyone can enjoy it!
Do you (or your family) use the School Pool over summer?
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Do you think it is reasonable that the school charge a fee for using the School Pool over summer? *
If the school decided to charge - what do you think is a reasonable amount to charge for the use of the pool over the summer?
....And Finally
What are we doing well?
What could we improve on?
Do you have any comments (or ideas for the future) you would like to pass onto the Board of Trustees?
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