Anomalous Activity Beta Test Application - 2019
Welcome to Anomalous Activity - 2019 beta testing program!

Alert center (the "Test Product") for G Suite will deliver admins important and actionable security and other alerts to help protect and serve your organization. In the alert center beta testing program, you will be able to test new features available to beta program participants.

This beta program includes anomaly alerts for Google Drive. Anomaly alerting leverages machine learning analysis on Google Drive metadata and activity from your domain in order to detect sensitive document sharing, potentially malicious activity, and other security-related issues. These features are available for G Suite Enterprise customers.

With these alerts, super admins and admins with delegated privileges for the alert center for G Suite will be alerted when potential data exfiltration risks occur based on any unusual behavior such as external file sharing and file downloads.

These features provide statistical representations of users compared to others in the domain and may be helpful information to use in your next level of assessment.

By submitting this Test Application, you will be enrolling your domain in the Pre-General Availability Program being run by the G Suite team for the Test Product. This Pre-General Availability Test Application (the “Test Application”) is incorporated into and made part of the Google Cloud Pre-General Availability Program Addendum.

Alert Center Beta enrollment requires that you are a super admin of an existing G Suite domain and that you can represent your domain for sign-up.

If your account has multiple domains, all of the domains associated with your account will be added to the beta program.

Once your indicated account is verified, you will receive an enrollment confirmation email within a few days. At that point, you will be able to access this new product trial in G Suite admin console. If your indicated email address and domain could not be verified, you will not receive any email confirmation or access.

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