Student's Final Internship Self Evaluation
Evaluate your performance as an intern. This information will be sent to the Career Center and then forwarded to your faculty supervisor.
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Semester of Internship *
In your opinion - This internship helped you clarify and/or confirm career direction. *
The coursework at Lynchburg College prepared you for this internship experience. *
As a result of this internship you developed professional skills and work ethic. *
Have you acquired professional contacts/network within this industry. *
I demonstrated a positive attitude on the job. *
I followed through on work assignments. *
I produced high quality work. *
I exemplified confidence and self-assurance. *
I was capable of making independent judgments and decisions. *
I demonstrated the ability to learn new skills and tasks. *
I took initiative and worked independently. *
I built effective work relationships with other personnel. *
I produced the expected quality and quantity of work. *
My attendance and punctuality met the prescribed standards. *
I payed attention to personal grooming and neatness of appearance. *
I responded positively to supervision. *
I communicated effectively. *
I reacted appropriately when under stress *
Overall, my performance met the expected standards, which had been explained to me. *
In this internship, I demonstrated that I am capable of independently and ethically solving problems, analyzing situations, and/or making decisions. *
When speaking and writing to audiences as a part of my internship, I represented myself and my thoughts in a clear, concise, and professional manner. *
Through this internship, I built positive relationships with coworkers and clients (if applicable) and negotiated conflict in a way that demonstrated that I am open-minded, tolerant, respectful, and empathetic. *
In this internship, I developed and/or demonstrated the skills required to motivate and guide others through my use of positive behaviors and attitudes. *
This internship helped me clarify and/or confirm my understanding of how well my skills, strengths, and knowledge fit with this career field. *
How would you rate your overall internship experience? *
How would you rate the helpfulness of your faculty supervisor during your internship? *
How would you rate the helpfulness of your site supervisor during your internship? *
How would you rate the helpfulness of the Career Development Center staff during your internship? *
Were the internship procedures made clear to you? *
How did you locate your internship? *
What academic requirements did your faculty supervisor assign during the internship? *
How many visits did your faculty supervisor make to your internship site? *
What aspect of your internship did you find most rewarding? Most challenging? *
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If any, list the aspects of your internship that you found disappointing. *
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What kinds of supervision/guidance did you receive from your work site supervisor? Was it sufficient for you to meet your goals? *
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What kinds of supervision/guidance did you receive from your faculty supervisor? *
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Do you have any suggestions for ways in which your internship experience can become more rewarding and/or help you to achieve your personal and career goals? *
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Are there any other issues you wish to address regarding your internship? *
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Add any additional comments concerning your internship experience.
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Would you recommend this site for other LC interns *
Did you experience any difficulties with your internship? *
What role did your internship play in relation to your career? *
Comments/suggestions regarding the internship program
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