DH RSE Survey
Hey there! Thanks for participating in this survey! We are hoping to get a better understanding of the DHTech/DH RSE community, so that we can tailor our webinars better to the interests of the community and to better address its needs. If you don't know what DHTech is, check out our website and consider becoming a member: https://dh-tech.github.io/.
As what would you classify yourself?
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Which programming languages do you regularly use?
What frameworks are you regularly using?
How would you classify your work?
Regarding the following topics, what do you...
Data analysis/science
Data Modelling
Computer vision
AI/Machine Learning
Knowledge represenation
Data visualisation
Software engineering
Algorithm development
Server infrastructure setup/maintenance
spend most of you time with?
enjoy the most?
like to improve?
Which fields do you typically work on and which would you like to work on more?
Are there any topics you would like to see in a webinar or workshop?
What is the highest degree you have?
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In what field is your highest degree?
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How did you get training in computer science/software engineering?
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What type of employer do you have?
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What's your current title?
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Your position is...
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Your current position is...
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At your current employer...
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Are you planning to keep working as an DH RSE for the foreseeable future?
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How big is your development team (without student assistants)?
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How big is your development team (including student assistants)?
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In which country do you work?
Do you consider yourself a member of a minority in your field?
We'd like to get a sense of how diverse our community is, so we can address the individual needs better.
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If so, would you mind sharing which one (optional)?
Are you a member of DHTech?
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Anything else you want to tell us?
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