YALDA 2020 Webinars Registration
In 2020, along with its own monthly webinars, YALDA is pleased to announce that it will be co-hosting 4 webinars with the World Bank’s Africa division.

We will also continue our exceptionally popular webinars certificate programme. This programme rewards those of you who tirelessly participate in all our webinars every year and give input. At the end of 2020, those of you who meet the criteria will be awarded your programme completion certificate.

Criteria for certificate:
1. Fill out this registration form in order to be considered
2. Attend a minimum of 8 out of the 12 webinars that are hosted every month during 2020
3. Make a least one comment or ask one question in a minimum of 5 webinars.

We take attendance at the beginning of every webinar. The best performing webinar certificate programme attendees will receive an exciting reward at the end of 2020! Watch this space.

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