Book Giveaway - No Girls Allowed - Equity Event 2021
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Fill out the form below to receive a free copy of 'No Girls Allowed', (a first come, first serve basis). Upon receiving the book, you are also registering to attend the authors book talk (via Zoom) in early May. Following the event, access to a Google Classroom with support materials will also be made available to attendees. More details to follow including date, time, etc.
It’s 1977, and 10-year-old Tina couldn’t be happier about her life. Not because she just moved to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, but because she’s finally old enough to make her dream come true: she can play on a real hockey team. But when she tries to join the league, she learns that girls aren’t allowed to play on the boys’ team—and there’s no team for girls. Despite jeers from classmates and cruelty from some of the town’s adults, Tina is determined to play. She wants it more than anything. With the help of her family, Tina takes her fight to the Human Rights Commission. She’s allowed to play on a team while her case goes through court, but though she’s the best skater on the ice, even some of her teammates think she shouldn’t be there. From facing down angry coaches to testifying on the stand, Tina does everything for one big goal: to play real hockey. Based on an inspiring true story, No Girls Allowed is a journey of passion, determination, and sheer love of the game. *Sourced from Nimbus Publishing (
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