Sprouts Fall 2018 Volunteer Application
Hello Sprouty folks!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Sprouts. As a food co-operative solely run by student volunteers, Sprouts is a friendly and inclusive community that support sustainable eating and provide their diverse skills to help our initiative sprout (ha)!

We will have two café locations this year, the first of which being Seedlings, our eatery with a cozy atmosphere and stunning British Columbia views. Seedlings is located on the penthouse of the Thea Koerner House on the northwest side of campus.
Our other cafe location, Sprouts, is currently still under renovation in the Life Building, and will be up and running (hopefully!) by October. Woo! Exciting!
Community Eats, a by-donation lunch on Fridays, will be located in our newly renovated Sprouts café once it reopens.

Why Volunteer?
- Be a part of North America's largest student and volunteer-run food co-op.
- Meet and collaborate with likeminded, dedicated and enthusiastic students.
- Gain valuable experience and learn new skills: team work, cooking in mass quantities, navigating an industrial kitchen, making fast-paced decisions, serving, barista, riding a cargo bike and much more!
- Enjoy a 15% discount on in-store purchases and on Sprouts box subscriptions.
- Join our weekly community meetings and amazing volunteer appreciation socials!
Required Experience
No experience is required and everyone is welcome! However, you must be:

1) A current UBC student with a valid student number
2) Able to commit to a weekly position and its responsibilities for the ENTIRETY of Term 1

Time Commitment
A pre-determined weekly shift (2-3 hours) for the course of the semester.

By committing to a position with Sprouts, we ask that you respect the organization, your assigned shift, and fellow shift members and supervisor, by notifying your supervisor in advance should you not be able to make your shift.

We understand that emergencies and unexpected circumstances do happen. With volunteer coordinators' approval, shift coverages may be allowed but it is ultimately the volunteer's responsibility to find a replacement.

Remember, we can't exist without your help, so we will miss you if you don't show up!

Help run our affordable, vegan, zero waste cafe in one of our two café locations on campus!
Seedlings is located in the beautiful Thea Koerner house (the same building as Koerner's Pub!).
Sprouts will be located in the newly renovated Life Building (formerly the Old SUB), and will be opening in October! If you are interested in volunteering for Sprouts, you will first be assigned to a shift in Seedlings, and then will be reassigned to a shift at Sprouts once it is open. We will let you know in advance if this will be the case!

All shifts consist of tasks such as food prep, cooking, making hot drinks, engaging with customers, cash handling, cleaning, food running, and more.

Morning shifts typically focus on preparing food for the day (especially the lunch rush!), serving customers, and making drinks. Expect a fun cooking party!

Lunch shifts are the most hectic (but incredibly rewarding) shifts. They are super fast paced and require lots of teamwork. Be prepared to work under pressure. Expect to either take orders/work the till, prepare food, serve food, and bus tables!

Afternoon shifts - the calm after the storm. Help pick up after the crazy lunch madness by cleaning up the kitchen, preparing ingredients for the next day, and ensuring that the cafe is looking as good as new.

TIME COMMITMENT: a weekly 2-3 hour shift between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
PERKS: One free meal before, during, or after your shift.

Community Eats
Many helping hands are needed to help with providing a delicious by-donation lunch to the community every Friday. From food pick ups, cooking, and serving hungry friends, volunteering at Community Eats is a great way to see how just a few people getting together on an environmental initiative can impact a huge community. Community Eats will take place in Sprouts once it reopens in the Life Building in October.

PREPPER: Come prep stews and salads to be served at Community Eats on Fridays, all the while snacking on delicious donated produce.
TIME COMMITMENT: a weekly 2-3 hour shift between 5pm-8pm on Thursdays

SERVER: Serve lunch to hungry folks on Fridays in the ESC.
TIME COMMITMENT: a weekly 2-3 hour shift between 9am-2pm on Fridays

DRIVER: Drivers are needed to collect donated produce and bread from local stores. Preferably, drivers will have their own vehicle and they will be reimbursed for gas. We also have a modo membership, so if you would like to drive, but have no car, it's all good!
TIME COMMITMENT: Produce pick up times are Wednesdays OR Thursdays 10am-12pm
Thursday prep: Get to take home excess produce and/or some stew Thursday evenings (if they stay till the end), and free stew + salad at CE
Friday serving: Get free lunch (stew + salad) + some produce to take home

Sprouts Box
Sprouts Box volunteers will help provide local produce boxes to UBC students and staff on Mondays! The shifts will be every week on Mondays (excluding holiday Mondays) for 2-3 hours.

SET-UP: help set up the boxes so they are ready to be picked up by receiving the orders of veggies and distributing produce into the boxes.
TIME COMMITMENT: a weekly 2-3 hour shift between 9am-12pm on Mondays

GUARD (not as intense as it sounds): Attend to the boxes and help members find and retrieve their Sprouts box
TIME COMMITMENT: a weekly 2-3 hour shift between 12pm-6pm on Mondays

TAKE-DOWN: help our Sprouts Box coordinators figure out what to do with any left over boxes. This may include helping take the extra produce to Seedlings or doing a random act of kindness by giving out veggies to random people in the Nest!
TIME COMMITMENT: 5:30pm-6pm on Mondays

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Comments, Questions, Concerns?
Send any queries to our volunteer coordinators, Hannah and Mark (volunteer@ubcsprouts.ca).

To learn more about Sprouts, connect with us through:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ubcsprouts/?fref=ts

Website: https://www.ubcsprouts.ca

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ubcsprouts/?hl=en

Thanks! You'll be hearing back from us by mid-September about Volunteer Training!
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