ozfortress Ban Appeal Form
ozfortress is trialing a ban appeal process, and this form will be for players to appeal the following ban types only:
  • Infraction threshold bans
Please note, we will only review ban appeals of those who have served three quarters or 75% of their ban period. ozfortress does not deliver bans we do not believe in and are sure beyond reasonable doubt. Therefore, Anti-Cheat and other ban types that aren't Infraction threshold bans will not be considered in these appeals.

Processing times for appeals may reach 2-3 weeks depending on workload. Further appeals can be denied at the discretion of the team processing them.

Each player will only be able to submit one ban appeal at a time. Please ensure you proof-read your entire appeal submission before submitting it, as you will not be able to edit it after. We are not collecting email addresses, but have made use of Google's "Limit to 1 response" setting and thus Google requires your email to enforce this.

You can only submit an appeal on your own behalf.
ozfortress.com account
Please ensure you copy the link as is in your address bar and paste it here.

What are the events/actions that caused you to receive your ban?
If you don't understand the actions you took that led to your ban, you may want to come back to this once you know. Both the Behaviour Panel and any administrator who delivered your ban will have discussed it with you and they would have given you sufficient reasoning.
Why do you think that your ban should be removed/reduced/reviewed?
Continued poor behaviour after your appeal has been approved will result in more severe penalties. Do you understand?
When we review your appeal, we will review any recent public conduct we have access to, and this may influence our decision. Do you understand?
Including but not limited to;
  • Recent aliases.
  • Steam avatars.
  • Other profile content, for example; steam groups & item names.
  • Public discord conduct.
Please note, we may ask you to make parts of your profile public to review your conduct.
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