Singles Workshop AND Matrimonial Event
The singles workshop, hosted by Baba Ali, is a unique blend between a workshop and a program to meet other Muslims singles in a much more natural way: through conversations and unique activities. If you’re looking to attend another speed-dating event, this event is not for you. Being interviewed for hours by different people is both uncomfortable, awkward, and not very effective. We have removed the awkward “interviewing” that often occurs in events in Muslim Matrimonial programs.

This event is designed for those who are open to taking a different approach to finding their other half. In the first portion of the program, Baba Ali will be discussing how each gender thinks differently and how some things single Muslims are doing to push people away. He will provide some unique questions to help you determine if the person you are speaking to is telling you the truth or just telling you what you want to hear. The second portion of the program will help you learn more about your personality, what you’re attracted to, and which type of personality you are least likely to tolerate in a marriage. The final two portion of the program will be two unique short activities so we can learn about the other participants in a more natural way.

Note: This program gives you an opportunity to sign up for free 30 day trial so you can take advantage of it. This connection to Half Deen also allows participants to learn about each other in a deep way since your profile shows your personality, your interests, your priorities, and your answers to up to 158 marriage questions so you don’t waste time with people that are not compatible with you. The trial members are free for the first 30 days. **Please note: Anytime during your trial period you can cancel your membership by clicking on Account > Cancel. If you enjoy Half Deen like the 2400 members on the site, don’t do anything and your account will be charged as soon your trial period is finished. You may cancel anytime before your 30 days trial period is over without being charged. Another benefit about the Half Deen connection is that it allows you to contact the participants after the event.

This event is by invitation ONLY. Here is how it works:

Fill out the questionnaire (link below) - This helps us determine if you are a good fit for this event.

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Please note that there are a limited of seats for this events. If you need to “think about it” then this event is for you. As you know, such events come around rarely so if you’re serious about finding your other half, sign up ASAP.

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