Call for Proposals for Youth of Uttoron
Youth wing of Uttoron aka YOU strives to provide a platform to encourage and nourish youth members of Uttoron through social, cultural and educational activities. We are inviting proposals and new ideas that can benefit our youth, from the broader Uttoron community. We welcome wide range of ideas as long as it is a topic that may be of interest to YOU members (e.g. experiences of transition after middle or high-school). We will also like to hear from youth directly on ideas as well as conducting such workshops where possible.

Submission Process:
- Be appropriate for YOU members aged between 5 to 18 years.
- Be well scoped so that the contents can be covered within 2-4 sessions. Each session can last two hours.
- Clearly articulate a summary of contents, a rough curriculum by week, and what the attendees will gain at the end of the workshop.
- If applicable, a concrete deliverable that can be showcased by YOU to share the outcome with the rest of the community.
- Identify the specific age group for the target audience (e.g. 5-9 years, 10+ years, high-school students).
- Identify the instructors, platforms (virtual, physical, hybrid), and any items needed by the audience (e.g. canvas, markers).
- Describe prior experience (or expertise) of the instructors to conduct the workshop, if applicable. This is certainly not a requirement.
- The proposal and curriculum shouldn’t promote any private business or ventures.

Selection Process:
Uttoron Executive Committee will follow a rolling quarterly window where proposals can be submitted all throughout the year. The Committee will meet each half of the year (beginning and middle), and make a decision on the list of active proposals at that time. The Committee will evaluate the proposals on their merits and relevance to YOU and will decide to pursue a subset of proposals along with other ideas planned by the Committee as necessary to maintain diversity, inclusion and interests of Youths in mind. Active proposals for one calendar year will automatically roll over to the next year. The Committee will help advertise the selected workshops to the Uttoron community and provide logistics support, but the owner of the proposal will be mostly responsible for execution of the idea. Uttoron Executive Committee will have the sole discretion at the selection process.

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