Sales MOT diagnostics
How confident do you feel about your sales team hitting their target next quarter?

Have they missed their last target and you can’t pinpoint the reason why?

This simple diagnostics tool will guide you through a series of questions to make you consider the key elements that drive certainty and transparency within Sales and Marketing.

We call it Sales MOT as we believe that just like you get your car checked regularly to confirm it’s fit for the road, you should do the same with your Sales and Marketing – the revenue engine of your company.

After submitting your answers you will receive an email with a pdf that contains your overall Sales MOT score, a score for each of the five areas and the top three priorities to focus on in order to improve your sales confidence the most.

If you've got any problems, questions or suggestions, please get in touch.

Thanks and Enjoy!
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Sales process
Q1: Do you have a standard documented process (i.e. tasks, checklists and KPIs) for:
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Lead generation
Lead nurturing
Sales closing
Post sale engagement
Q2: Do you have a clear definition of a lead? i.e. minimum criteria a potential customer needs to meet
Q3: Do you have a clear definition of a sales qualified lead, agreed by both Sales and Marketing?
Q4: Is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system regularly used by:
Don't know
Account Management
Customer Support
Q5: Are your sales reports:
Don't know
Automated (reports refresh without analysts running them)
Filterable (you can easily select a subset of the data)
Drillable (you can easily zoom into the detail behind top level figures)
Q6: If you miss a sales target, can you easily pinpoint why it was missed?
Q7: Do you have the following reports?
Don't know
Daily tracker - which displays daily activities of individul sales reps
Pipeline report - live view of a pipeline by stage, by rep, volume, value, age within a stage and "hotness" for priority > drillable to individual cases
Marketing ROI report - showing ROI for each of your marketing channels
Q8: Do you capture and trust the following information for sales opportunities?
Don't know
Marketing channel the opportunity came from
Search keyword a prospect used to search for the first time they visited your site
Date when an opportunity entered each stage
Lost reason for lost opportunities
Q9: Does your sales team complain that marketing doesn’t supply them enough good leads?
Q10: Does your marketing team complain that sales don’t follow up on their leads?
Q11: Do you feel your company uses data effectively in their decision making?
Not at all
We are data driven
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