Volunteer Leader Application: SEND US YOUR PROJECT IDEA!
We are mixing things up a bit at TAP this spring. In addition to coordinating our monthly TAP volunteer projects throughout the year, we are launching our first ever Volunteer Leader pilot program. From now until May 20th, we are collecting project ideas from the community. That means...WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Where should service-oriented volunteer projects be happening in Portland and how can we help make them happen?!

At the end of May, we will review applications and select three projects to support this summer/fall! What does "support" mean? Support means that we will help the selected applicants with event planning & facilitation, volunteer recruitment, funding, and community connections necessary to make these projects happen. For example...Is there a park or garden near you that needs to be rehabilitated? Or a trail system that is in desperate need of work crew? We can help you find tools, fund material purchases, recruit volunteers, and provide day-of facilitation support to help this project become a reality!

For the first pilot version of this program, we do ask that the projects stay within the similar structure to our current TAP projects. This means they must serve the local community (Greater Portland area only) and must be done-in-a-day type projects with a volunteer group size between 5 and 20 people. To get some insight into previous TAP projects, check out our website: www.takeactionportland.com or our Facebook page. If you have specific questions, please email amanda@takeactionportland.com.


Schedule Overview:
- April 18th - Application Release Date
- May 20th - Deadline for applicants
- June 10th - Final applicant selection
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