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Please visit to learn more about me, my training, my experience, what to expect in a bodywork session or an herbal consultation, & to read some testimonials from people who have worked with me.
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15) Are you currently taking any medications and/or utilizing any herbal supports? If so please specify the specific herbs (list out all individual herbs in blended formulas), supplement, and/or medication names + dose, route, + frequency. This helps us to make the best use of the time we have together if I have this info ahead of time.
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17) If you have any allergies or chemical sensitivities please share them below.
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21) If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, where is it located? Where do you feel it? When did it begin? How long has it been occurring?
22) If you are willing, please share what you know of your ancestry and/or ancestral homelands. Whenever possible I will try to connect you with plants that illicit ancestral rememberings.
23) If you are interested in an herbal consultation, let me know what type of herbal supports you are most interested in (check all that apply). They run approximately $20 - $30 sliding scale fee, depending on size
24) If you are interested in an herbal consultation, what is your budget for the herbal supports?
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