Egg Roll Eating Contest Entry Form
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1. $ 10 entry fee per contestant. Only Check or Cash will be accepted.
2. Must be 18 years of age or older as of July 28, 2018. Contestant must show a valid ID at
the contest.
3. Entry is limited to the first 10 applicants.
4. Contestant will have 10 egg rolls, fastest person to completely eat all of the 10 egg rolls
5. Contestants may not touch the Egg Rolls until the starting signal.
6. Only entire Egg Roll eaten will be counted.
7. Bottled water will be provided, and the Contestants are allowed to drink as much liquid
while eating their Egg Rolls.
8. A contestant’s time is marked, and winners determined when the 10 egg rolls is
completely swallowed and no contents remaining in contestant’s mouth.
9. Ties will be decided by an “eat off”.
10. Contestants must abide to any decision of the contests officials and any/all of the
contest rules.
11. Contestants give consent to the use of their name, photograph, audio and video
recording by the Nebraska Asian Festival for any and all purposes.
12. Awesome Egg Rolls and Nebraska Asian Festival reserves the right to reject an
Prize: Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers.
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