Conducting Music Major Private Lessons Application - Spring 2019
Please submit this form by Friday, January 4, 2019.

As Private Lessons are suppressed from the Class Schedule, you will need a Class Number in order to register. Submitting this form does not enroll students for academic credit. Students are responsible for enrolling in Private Lessons.

Private lessons require students to be enrolled in required music courses and large ensemble for their degree program.

Graduate Students: Following approval by the Area Head, you will receive your Class Number via your UMail Account.

This Class Number is the property of the University of Utah and may not be shared with other students. Please register for lessons no later than the 5th day of classes.

Please note that you must be enrolled in an approved Large Ensemble each semester you are enrolled in Private Lessons.

Once you have enrolled in private lessons through CiS, you should be in contact with your private lesson teacher as soon as possible to arrange a time for the first lesson. Any difficulty in getting in contact with your teacher should be reported to the School of Music Office immediately.

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Performance and Music Education majors must take hour lessons on their primary instrument. Others may request hour lessons; areas determine accommodation. 1 credit-hour/30 minutes (Total Instruction=7 hours per semester). Special fee of $238/semester to cover costs associated with providing individual instruction. 3 credit-hours/1 hour (Total Instruction=14 hours per semester). Special fee of $475/semester to cover costs associated with providing individual instruction.
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Although the School of Music cannot guarantee the choice of a private teacher, student's preference will be honored wherever possible. If you don't have a preferred instructor, please indicate "No preference"
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