OPEN LAB with the Baxter Center
OPEN LAB: Space for Science Teachers to explore and rework Biotech Labs

Have you ever wanted to design your own microbiology experiment?
Have you tried an ELISA assay and had it not work?
Have you ever wanted to rewrite the storyline for a DNA analysis lab?
Have you ever wanted to make your own algae beads?

OPEN LAB is for teachers who would like the time, space and resources to do unfinished work to help their students explore biotechnology in their class. Teachers will be able to develop labs alongside other teachers and expert facilitators. The experts and other teachers in the room can help answer technical questions and give tips to help make your lab work for your school and the students you serve.

You can choose your own lab or pick from the following list:
• Making algae beads
• Making buffers
• Build your own story-line with a PCR/gel electrophoresis activity
• Citizen science projects like Tiny Earth or iNaturalist

If you choose to explore or rework your own lab (which we strongly recommend), follow these guidelines:
• Incorporates biotechnology
• Is a lab that can be supported with the kits/supplies on the BCSE website (
If you have a lab that is outside of these parameters, register and give us a detailed description of what you are hoping to accomplish. We will get back to you if that is something we can support.

Best regards,
Emily Ferrin, Ashley Walter & Natalie Bueno
Baxter Center for Science Education
Northwestern University

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