Democratic Woman's Club of San Diego County Dependent Care Grant
The Democratic Woman’s Club is committed to supporting female candidates and amplifying women’s voices in local and national politics. Women are responsible for the bulk of dependent care and our work as caregivers can create a significant barrier to our entry into local politics.

To address this issue, the Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County is proud to institute a pilot Dependent Care Grant for women in San Diego County. The grant may be used to defray the cost of dependent care incurred as part of attending any political event that either (1) Supports a Democratic woman’s candidacy for any elected office, or (2) Supports a Democratic woman’s attendance or involvement in any local political meeting or event that would further their inclusion in local politics and decision making.

Funds are limited each calendar year to 10% of the DWCSD’s total balance as of January 1 that year, and grants will be made on a rolling basis. The board may elect to add funds at their discretion. We anticipate most grants will be small by necessity – generally $50 - $100 to cover dependent care for a single event. Our hope is that feedback from this pilot program can support us to grow the program over the coming years.

To be eligible, an applicant must identify as a woman, be a registered Democrat, and be running for elected office or interested in becoming more involved in local or regional politics

Dependent Care Grant funds may be used to cover the following:
1. Travel expenses for the dependent (ie, costs to bring a child to a political event)
2. Fees paid to a caregiver (other than a spouse, partner or other immediate family member) for services provided
3. Travel expenses for a professional or family caregiver (either to travel to the applicant’s home to provide care or to provide onsite care for the dependent).
4. Meals for dependent and/or caregiver during travel to conference or meeting
5. The cost of shipping breastmilk for a child at home while the applicant travels for necessary trainings or events.
6. Car seat rental (if renting a vehicle) or coverage of additional fees incurred if using Uber/Lyft to include car seat (available in some major cities).
Eligible dependents include:
1. Any child under the age of 15 who for whom the applicant is a primary caregiver.
2. A child, adolescent, or young adult under the age of 26 who has a significant disability and for whom the applicant is a primary caregiver.
3. A disabled adult (for example, a parent, child, spouse, in-law, or grandparent) for whom the applicant has significant caregiving responsibility
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