2018 - 2019 USCR Uniteen Registration
This form is for Parents/Guardians who are registering their Uniteen to attend 2019 - 2020 school year Regional Events.

Uniteens are the youth from a Unity church between the ages of 11-14 who are in grades 6, 7 or 8 during this school year. All attendance at regional and local events is through your Youth and Family Ministry at your Church.

Once you have filled out this form you will need to also get your signed forms to your Youth and Family Ministry at your Church, and they will keep a copy and send the original with your Uniteen Leader to the regional event.

Please fill out only ONE of these electronic forms during the year. ( unless information changes, then fill out a new one to update your information.)

Current Form to Print:
Please print and turn in a signed trust agreement (for each event) and the medical release and liability form to your Youth and Family Ministry at your church, which will complete your registration.

Thank YOU for registering your youth!

What this form is asking you:
-Your Personal Information
-Information about the trust agreements and medical release and liability form
-Your child's medical history and medication
-A parent or guardian must fill out this form

Please continue to click continue until you get to a page that says "Thank you for registering".

Uniteen Information
All of these questions are about the Uniteen. If you have more than one Uniteen from the same family, you need to fill out a separate form for each of them.

All participants must be able to honor heart agreements, function in a group setting and MUST attend the entire weekend from Check-in thru Closing Ceremony. Youth with special challenges requiring close, personal adult supervision should be accompanied by a parent or familiar adult who will not be responsible.

Your Unity Church *
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Unity churches Name, City and State
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Uniteen's First Name *
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Uniteen's Last Name *
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Uniteen's Gender *
Please note if you select other - and are transgender - we will contact you for more information. (All are welcome here.)
Uniteen's Birthday *
make sure to have the correct year
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Uniteen's Age *
Uniteen is for middle school youth ages 11 - 14 years
School Grade *
Uniteen is for middle school youth in 6th, 7th or 8th grade
Uniteen's T-shirt Size *
Dietary Needs *
Omnivore is a diet that includes meat, vegetarian is a diet that excludes meat but includes dairy, and vegan is a diet that excludes any animal products.
Food Allergies And Sensitivities
We offer a healthy diet, please let us know the ways we can help serve your needs. If you have questions, please email uscrteen@gmail.com or call (303) 515-9613
How many Uniteen retreats or lock-ins have they attended? *
Parent/Guardian Information
Parent/Guardian Name *
The Parent(s) First and Last Name(s)
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Parent/Guardian Email *
The Parent/Guardian Email Address
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Parent/Guardian Phone Number *
Please only give numbers - example 8168769054. Thank you. Start with the area code first.
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Parent/Guardian Phone Number - Can it be texted? *
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