SHHS Choirs Term 3 Self-Assessment
Please be thoughtful and introspective as you respond to the questions in the assessment. Please take time to say what you really feel. This isn't a race. I appreciate your ability to reflect and think like an adult.

You are required to complete an assessment for each choir you are enrolled in. Men in Concert Choir DO NOT have to do an assessment for Men's Camerata, unless they are actually enrolled in the class.

The following questions will require in depth answers. You may choose to write these in a separate document and copy and paste them into the required fields.

I respectfully reserve the right to talk with any student who I feel has either been too hard or too generous on grading themselves--but I generally will trust your instincts and assign you the term grade you feel you deserve. Be fair, but honest in your evaluation of your overall attendance, participation, behavior, and preparedness.
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