Angst Audience Survey
Thank you for watching Angst! We would love to hear more from you so we can make this experience even more meaningful.

14 questions and a few minutes of your time could make a world of difference.

1. Please choose one that best fits you. *
2. Do you think anxiety is on the rise?
3. Where do you live?
4. Gender
5. Do you think the film Angst is helpful for teens?
6. Before watching the film did you know that anxiety is treatable?
7. Will you be more open to talking about anxiety now that you have seen this film?
8. After watching this film, would you be more likely to reach out to a friend or family member who may be struggling with anxiety?
9. Do you think you will practice any of the tools that you learned in this film? (i.e. breathing, talking to people, writing in a journal, etc.)
10. How would you rate the effectiveness of this film to open up the conversation around mental health?
Least effective
Most effective
11. Now that you've seen Angst, how would you label your typical level of anxiety?
Very low
Very high
12. Do you feel this film should be required viewing at every school?
13. Do you think this film should be screened in the workplace?
14. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend the film Angst to a friend or colleague?
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
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