Financial Agreement 2020-2021
I, as a parent/guardian of a student(s) attending St. Benedict School, understand my responsibility to finance my child/ren’s education.  As a part of my commitment to the educational process, I agree to the following policy guidelines:

1.      As the parent of a student(s) registered in the Fall of 2020, I agree this form must be signed.
2.      In order to have my child/ren begin class the first day of school, all financial responsibilities from the previous year must be satisfied.  (Tuition, late charges, fees, N.S.F. reimbursements and library fines, Before and After Care charges, and any charge for damage to school property.)  I understand that if any money is outstanding on August 1, my child/ren’s place in class will become available to the person at the top of the waiting list, if said class is at capacity.
3.      The first tuition payment must be paid by August 19, 2020, and thereafter as specified on your FACTS Tuition account through May 25, 2021.  I must be current on the 31st day of May in order to receive the third trimester report card.  A late fee of $40.00 will be charged for late payments not posted by the due date. $35.00 will be charged for any returned check. If two checks are returned within a given year, personal checks will no longer be accepted.  If this situation arises, I agree to make the remaining payments in cash, cashiers’ check, or money order.
4.      Delinquent tuition for one month will result in my child/ren being unable to attend St. Benedict School until payment in full has been made.
5.      Tuition must be paid in full including the $130 Graduation Fee, by May 14, 2021 before my 8th grader can participate in graduation activities, including the Graduation Mass.
6.      In the event of a transfer, prorated refunds for overpaid tuition will be made.  If all financial responsibilities are not current at the time my child/ren transfers out, no official records will be released until payment has been made.
7.         I am aware that if I do not volunteer at least ten hours in school activities, excluding sports volunteers, during the 2020-2021 school year, I will be charged $100 if the full 10 hours have not been completed by May 10, 2021.  This charge will be on my May statement. Volunteer hours need to be documented in the
volunteer book by May 10, 2021. Ways to fulfill this requirement will be communicated to parents/guardians.

The Tuition and Fees for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows


Three Day Program (Mon. Wed. Fri)        Two Day Program (Tuesday, Thursday)
Half Day   $2,499   Half Day    $2,218.50
Full Day   $4,054.50 Full Day $3,544.50                                                                                 
                      Five Day Program  (Monday Through Friday)
Half Day  $3,009
Full Day  $ 5,014

Fees: The $350 fee is for Instructional, Technology and Science
Other Fees payable during the school year are:
        $50 Registration fee (paid by current families for the upcoming year each March)
$25 Sibling enrollment of a currently enrolled student
        $100 Registration fee for new students
$45 FACTS Tuition fee
         $250 Fundraising fee: School families will have a variety of fundraisers to participate in to
raise the fundraising fee.  On April 1, 2021 this amount will be added to your account if you
have failed to raise the funds via the fundraisers offered.

TUITION RATE FOR GRADES Kindergarten - Grade 8
1 Child $5,041 10 Payments of $504.10 (Fees $350)
2 Children $9,119 10 Payments of $911.90 (Fees $700)
3 Children $12,841 10 Payments of $1,284.10 (Fees $1,050)
4 Children $17,150 10 Payments of $1,715 (Fees $1,400)
5 Children $21,420 10 Payments of $2,142 (Fees $1,750)

DUE AUGUST 19, 2020:
1 month’s tuition, Fees (Instructional, Technology, Science) and the FACTS Tuition fee of $45

These fees will be charged in September:
           H.A.S.A. Fee:    $5.00 per family for membership in the Home and School Association.
        Party Money: $10.00 per child to cover the cost of the Halloween and Valentine parties
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