IEN Survey: Integrating ESG into Retirement Plans
Thank you in advance for providing feedback to assist us in deciding on key areas to address in the development of a toolkit for integration ESG into retirement plans.
1) Type of Institution *
2) If a College or University please indicate:
3) What is the cumulative size of assets in your retirement plan? *
4) What is your role in the retirement program of your institution? *
5) What type(s) of retirement plans does your institution offer? *
6) What percentage of your Defined Contributions retirement plans portfolio is made up of active investments (as opposed to passive) today? *
7) What is the maximum number of funds your Defined Contribution plan is permitted under your plan guidance that it can offer? *
8) Who are the key decision makers in your retirement plan? *
9) How involved are external advisors in decision making on your institution’s retirement plans? *
10) Does your institution currently offer ESG fund options in retirement plans? *
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