Survey of Water Providers
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If you have any knowledge about surface water quality monitoring by or for water providers in Texas and neighboring states, or the history of such efforts, this survey is for you. A water provider is defined here as any entity that supplies water for household consumption, agriculture, or industry, which depending on the location could be a public, private, non-governmental, or other authority, not restricted to utilities, districts, cities, companies, agencies, and boards.

These survey questions mainly pertain to surface water monitoring near water intakes, near diversions, or in the environment. Researchers at Baylor University want to understand the water quality data needs of water providers. We are interested to develop relationships with water providers and address these needs by providing data support including data management, analysis, visualization, and forecasting. We are interested to learn about and to support water quality data streams from water samples or instruments taken near the water source.

Any information you provide will help our learning process. Thank you!
Stephen Powers, Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research (CRASR), Baylor University
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1. Which location(s) or water provider(s) do you have knowledge about?
2. Does the water provider want to or need to develop more effective and timely water quality tracking systems, or forecasts?
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3. In terms of the collection or management of water quality data, what kinds of issues or challenges has this water provider been facing recently or in the past?
4. What kinds of water quality monitoring datasets does the water provider collect or report? (Your response could include any of the following: What types of variables? How often measured? Where measured? If there are sensor instruments deployed, what kind and how many of them?)
5. If other entities or partners assist the water provider by collecting water quality measurements, which entities or partners? What kinds of data?
6. Please provide any web links that you think are relevant to these survey questions or your survey responses.
7. Optional- Who are the primary contacts for information provided in this survey response?
8. Optional- Who else should we contact about questions in this survey?
9. What other questions or comments do you have?
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